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About Twilight the Shih Tzu @ Shih Tzu Care

Hi! My name is Twilight and I am the star of Shih Tzu Care. I’m a 4-year-old Shih Tzu from Canada who loves to chase balls, eat snow, take long walks, and cuddle with Mom. Over Christmas, Mom told me she wanted to start a website where she could give tips to other Shih Tzu parents. I was so excited my tail almost fell off! I wanted to write a blog too. After a bit of begging, Mom agreed to write posts for me. (What Mom can’t resist these big eyes?) You’ll see me share photos, videos, and posts about daily life as a dog. I can’t wait to share my world with all of you!

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About “Mom” @ Shih Tzu Care


Tanja and Twilight

Twilight calls me Mom, but I prefer Tanja. I started this site as a way to share my knowledge and adventures as a Shih Tzu owner. The Internet is already a wonderful resource for training tips, adoption advice, and more; however, I felt that it would be wonderful to hear advice from a dog owner (or parent, as I prefer). This blog’s mission isn’t to just re-post information you can find anywhere, but on sharing my perspective and experiences, both good and bad, on raising a dog. All posts will be interesting, fun, informative, and – most importantly – personal.

When I’m not writing this blog, I attend university, studying Animal Biology and doing research with cute little zebrafish. On weekends I volunteer at the Edmonton Humane Society, a charity dedicated to helping companion animals, educating people, and enriching lives, where I play with and socialize cats and kittens. Although I no longer wish to be a veterinarian, I interned at a veterinary clinic in Germany for 2 months. Now, I hope to become a professor and researcher in fish physiology and eco-toxicology.

You can look forward to a range of posts, like cute pictures and videos, recipes for dog treats, interviews with dog professionals, Twilight’s upcoming obedience lessons, and much more!

Have a question about Shih Tzu you’d like answered? Want Twilight or Tanja to spill their stories on a certain topic in their next blog posts? Send your questions, topics, and ideas to Tanja@shihtzucare.net or post them in the comments, on Twitter, or on FaceBook!


All advice on this website is meant to be an owner’s perspective on having a dog. It is not meant to be the only information used when raising you dog. Always consult professionals for dog health and training.

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