2014 – A Dog’s New Years Resolutions

dog new years resolution

Hello New Year! Did anybody else notice that 2014 just smells different? Just us dogs? That’s okay, parents! I woke up on January 1st and I just knew that this year would be better than the last. Now, some parents might think only humans make new years resolutions. Little do they know that us dogs [...]

I’m on a Boat

I m On a Boat

It was August Long Weekend and Boyfriend/Dad wanted to do something special with us. However, we couldn’t go anywhere far because Mom promised to volunteer at a big event called Heritage Days. I wish I could’ve gone! Mom said there was lots of yummy food. So Monday morning we get up. Mom was getting ready [...]

Moving Day

moving day

Well, it’s been a long time coming! As many of my loyal Twitter followers know, I moved into a new place with Mom and her boyfriend. It was a very exciting time, but also really sad. At first, I felt weird being away from Other Mom. Other Mom kept care of me for 6 weeks [...]

My Little Hero

my little hero

As some of you loyal readers may have noticed, it’s been a while since I posted up any information to the site. Unfortunately, I had the roughest last couple months I’ve had in a long time. In university, exams can suck all the life out of you. I spent all of April writing notes, studying [...]

Off Leash – Finally!

Off Leash Finally

I’m back, my fluffy readers! I have some very exciting news for you! As many of you know from Mom’s blogs, she doesn’t take my leash off in dog parks. She says that I don’t have enough training yet to act properly around other dogs. But now that the weather is nice, we go to [...]