HALO Pet Film – The Rescue (Le Sauvetage)


I haven’t yet written a blog about how I ended up getting Twilight from his previous owners. That story is being saved for a future discussion on adopting from breeders, rescue organizations, and/or private individuals. HOWEVER, I think we can all agree that we feel like we chose which dog to adopt and bring home. [...]

Cool Dog Treat – Ice Cubes

I don't always eat ice cubes, but when I do they're in the shape of fish.

July is the midpoint of summer – and, boy, is it hot out! I love that the grass is green, the days are long, and I get to go out more. The only thing I don’t like about summer? Mom’s place doesn’t have AC. So I get hot in the house, even with the window [...]

Happy Canada Day!

happy Canada day

Yes, I know, it’s one day later. But who could focus and write a blog on Canada day? We were out having too much fun! But all the fun that comes with a Canada day celebration (and any other celebration, such as Independence Day for all my American readers) have good and bad sides for [...]

Funny Dog Memes Part 1

funny dog memes

I’ve made a commitment to myself (and to Twilight) that I would write more blog entries. But, as with everything in my life, I want to make sure my blog is well done. That means doing my research and citing websites I used before I pass information along to you. What that also means is [...]

Don’t Leave Dogs in Hot Cars

dog in hot cars

As the summer months really get going here, and with my big move somewhere very warm, I thought I’d address a very big issue: why you shouldn’t leave a dog in a car on a hot day. What makes me upset about this topic is that this is still an issue. I feel like anyone [...]

Dog Socialization

dog socialization

Many readers of my blog might be new dog owners or thinking about getting a dog. I hope that my posts are inspiring you to get a Shih Tzu (or any dog, for that matter) and give you ideas on the care that goes into them. Today, I wanted to write a bit about “socialization” [...]