Traveling with your Dog

traveling with your dog

Twilight and I completed the biggest move of my life. I drove over 5000 km from my home in Canada to my new home in Miami! While I was preparing for my big move, my main concern was ensuring that Twilight could also travel with me. So I did a little research… how do I […]

Comics – “Sleeping with my family”

twilight the shih tzu sleeping

In honour of his help, we decided to give a bark-out to the artist who’ll be helping us. THE ARTIST I’m a second year University student who draws for fun. I like to draw comics the most, but I have a growing passion for portraits. My primary tool is Wacom Intuos 5, and it’s been […]

Twilight the Shih Tzu Comics – COMING SOON!

Twilight The Shih Tzu Comic

Guess what, friends? Twilight the Shih Tzu (that’s me!) will soon be the star of his very own comic strip series! Mom has a friend who is very good at drawing and has made lots of comics for their university newspaper and on his FaceBook. He’s said that he’ll make some comics in his spare […]

HALO Pet Film – The Rescue (Le Sauvetage)


I haven’t yet written a blog about how I ended up getting Twilight from his previous owners. That story is being saved for a future discussion on adopting from breeders, rescue organizations, and/or private individuals. HOWEVER, I think we can all agree that we feel like we chose which dog to adopt and bring home. […]

Cool Dog Treat – Ice Cubes

I don't always eat ice cubes, but when I do they're in the shape of fish.

July is the midpoint of summer – and, boy, is it hot out! I love that the grass is green, the days are long, and I get to go out more. The only thing I don’t like about summer? Mom’s place doesn’t have AC. So I get hot in the house, even with the window […]

Happy Canada Day!

happy Canada day

Yes, I know, it’s one day later. But who could focus and write a blog on Canada day? We were out having too much fun! But all the fun that comes with a Canada day celebration (and any other celebration, such as Independence Day for all my American readers) have good and bad sides for […]

Funny Dog Memes Part 1

funny dog memes

I’ve made a commitment to myself (and to Twilight) that I would write more blog entries. But, as with everything in my life, I want to make sure my blog is well done. That means doing my research and citing websites I used before I pass information along to you. What that also means is […]